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Favourite fics

This is a list of my personal favourite Mycroft and John fics. I’ll add onto it as I go.

WHAT GOT ME STARTED: these two fics:

1. Half a Loaf by mary sutherland (rating 18, explicit slash, violence warning)
This is the one that got me into Mycroft/John, and still probably my favourite Sherlock fanfic of all time. It’s sweet yet intelligent, a perfect insight into their characters, and makes me feel better every time I read it.

2. Collared by velvet mace (NC-17, explicit, warnings: Slave AU, non-con, slavery, violence, emotional and physical abuse) WIP
Even though this is very much a Sherlock/John fic, it turns me onto Mycroft/John like nothing else. In this world Mycroft is a terrible force, and he uses slave John terribly. His motivations may be unclear but his menace is not. Warnings!

Okay, I think I’ll divide the rest up a bit into categories to make it easier.


1. You’ll Never Be Alone In The Bone Orchard by Sarah T (R, mature)
John Watson meets Mycroft Holmes one day early. The world tilts slightly on its axis. I’ve read a few of these ‘what if John met the other brother first?’ fics, but this one is exceptional, and the ending is brilliant and shocking.

2. London Bridge is Falling Down by sheepnamedpig (mature, PG-17 for violence, warning: physical abuse)
John takes out the anger stage of his grief on Mycroft and Mycroft takes it as a punishment he believes he deserves. Really heartbreaking, but also deeply satisfying post-Reichenbach, tying up those scenes between them in Mycroft’s club.

3. Break His Fingers, He Won’t Play the Piano No More by tawabids (NC-17, mature, warnings: extreme violence)
Mycroft tortures John, because Sherlock is missing and Mycroft is convinced that John had something to do with it. Only Sherlock is fine, so then Mycroft has to put John back together. This is a difficult fic to read, but extremely good. Hints of slash at the end, but after all that violence, I can’t see this fic as other than firmly gen.

4. Thinking it Through by grassle (NC-17 for swearing) warning from the writer: ‘Unmitigated OOC Crack’
John accepts Mycroft’s offer of being paid for spying on Sherlock, to pay for his sister’s overdue therapy/rehab. But what will John decide to tell Mycroft? His spying reports get ever funnier as he jumps into the double agent life.

5. Death, Taxes, Rain, Dessert by corpsereviver2 (G) Mycroft/Cake, Mycroft/Jealous!Umbrella
Mycroft’s umbrella becomes jealous after John brings cake and Mycroft transfers his affections to it. Nearly every line in this fic cracks me up.

6. Frightening: or, Five Times John and Mycroft Had Tea by Sarah T (PG-13, teen)
Summary: Negotiating a difficult relationship, with biscuits. My favourite part is the last, which deals with Reichenbach.


1. Droit de Seigneur by velvet mace (NC-17, explicit, warnings: kidnapping, coercion, rape, AU featuring Evil!Overlord!Mycroft)
What Sherlock has, Mycroft wants. Wow, this is heavy duty stuff. Fantastic. Also, John is so bad ass it takes my breath away. The writer notes: It isn’t so much a Mycroft/John fic as it is an anti-Mycroft/John fic. Well, only if you’re put off by evil!Mycroft.

2. Blame Jeremy Bentham series by mary sutherland Mycroft/John, Sherlock/John (mature, warning: dark Sherlock)
Sherlock reacts badly when he discovers John and Mycroft are in a relationship. This is an excellent fic if you like your heart being wrung out and hung up to dry, then fluffed at the end and given cuddles. Amazing slow burn of a story. Have I read it often? Oh yes.

3. No Flag of Surrender by sc010f (rated very mature, explicit, warnings: slave AU, possible dub-con)
Mycroft Holmes comes across John Watson, a sex slave who signed his body away to the Diogenes Club after being invalided home from Afghanistan. That summary tells you everything you need to know - except how great the writing is, and how satisfying the epilogue.

4. Advanced Chemistry by Suliforme (R, mature) warning: domestic violence
University AU. Sherlock knows that anyone stupid enough to put up with his brother’s abusive tendencies is clearly not worth his time. At least, that is until Mycroft turns up for the weekend with his latest boyfriend - a med student called John. This is a wonderful fic, but chilling.


1. For Great Justice by Snow (PG-13, teen)
Mycroft and John have to pretend to be boyfriends. It’s for a case – honest! Such a cliché, but I love it. Especially when it’s like this, with good writing and lovely kissing. Every ship in every fandom should have as well done a fic as this.

2. Dirty Little Secret by velvet mace (PG-13, teen, kissing)
John discovers he’s been married to Mycroft for several months. What’s not to love? Mycroft is just this side of creepy, but that’s as it should be. A classic.

3. How to Get What to Want and Want What You Have by peevee (NC-17, explicit)
Phone Sex. Lovely. Then dinner round at Mycroft’s with cake and John. So enjoyable. Recipes too!

4. Two Entirely Different Realms by boynamedjacket (PG-13, teen)
Summary: Mycroft keeps doing John favours. Sherlock is understandably suspicious. John is just confused. A sweet, heartwarming fic. Pre-slash.


1. Kiss it Better by sheepnamedpig (teen, PG-13)
Mycroft takes a bullet meant for John.


1. Sexual Needs by calicokat (NC-17, explicit)
“I do have sexual needs. We’re not all married to our work, Sherlock.” John is frustrated: he receives an unconditional offer from Mycroft. A deft, astutely written fic. Also – office sex.

More of these types of fics would be nice.


1. You’re already falling it’s calling you by blue eyed 1987 (NC-17, explicit)
John has a thing for Mycroft’s voice. Phone sex.

2. Sweet Like Chocolate by blood skittles (R, mature)
Mycroft is chocolate-sexual and becomes aroused while watching John eat Bourbon biscuits during tea. Well, who wouldn’t? That tongue.

3. Pass It On by pro prodigy (NC-17, explicit)
Sherlock likes to share the magnificent sex god that is John Watson. Tonight, he’s sending him to Mycroft for a one night stand. PWP that’s funny, hot and bittersweet.

4. A Delicate Situation by dorothydonne (NC-17, explicit) warning: Omega verse
When John gets a call from Mycroft asking him to come help with a medical issue, this was the last thing he expected to find. Omegaverse: I’ve had experience with this, and learnt to avoid. However, this fic manages to bypass the most disturbing aspects and just focus on the overwhelming urge to couple. Which can be inconvenient if you’re stuck in in a public place, like Mycroft here.

5. Untitled by bigbadporkchop (NC-17, explicit)
Prompt: orgasm denial. Mycroft begs John to let him come. This fic is so beautiful, the writing is like sunlight.


1. When I Look In The Mirror I See Double by etothepii Mycroft/John/Mycroft (R, mature)
Mycroft and ‘Anthea’ are one mind in two bodies. Literally. John starts going out with ‘Anthea’ and is eventually told the secret.

NOT MYCROFT/JOHN AT ALL (but the Mycroft-John scenes are wonderful)

1. School for Scandal by rubberbird Sherlock/John (NC-17, mature)
AU at boarding school, with a teenage John and Sherlock carrying on their very hidden relationship. I have to confess, it took me seven chapters to realise this school was supposed to be in England. There are so many cultural errors that it verges on badfic (Sherlock consults the White Pages, John relies on his football scholarship!) But the writing is gripping and Mycroft is wonderful and ambiguously-motived. The scenes where he entraps John are sheer delight.

2. An Experiment in Empathy by belovedmuerto Sherlock/John (PG-13, teen)
John is an empath, and in the aftermath of The Great Game, he creates an unexpected bond between himself and Sherlock. Reccing this because of the fantastic and many John & Mycroft scenes, from their hospital stay onwards, grudging and perfectly prickly. Mycroft is just this side of scary, always on the verge of taking John in for testing of his strange abilities. (Hints of Mycroft/Lestrade in later chapters.)

3. No Thank You, Mummy by anon Sherlock/John (NC-17, explicit, warning: Omegaverse, rape (crime scene) possible dub-con)
AU: John is an omega, picked by Mummy to marry and breed with her son Sherlock, an alpha. But neither John nor Sherlock want to breed - Sherlock doesn’t even want a mate. Brother Mycroft is a beta but as soon as he meets John he’s interested. Mummy threatens to give John to Mycroft if Sherlock doesn’t comply. A really sexy and skilful fic, with a thriller of a plot. I was rooting for even the minor characters.


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